Fire of God Dobi Ministry Church of Kenya
                       The Joseph Maroa and Beatrice Robi Ministry

               Fire of God Ministries welcomes you !

He is our Life!

He  is with you always, even until the end of the World .

                                            Matthew 28:20


Fire of God Dobi Ministry Church of Kenya was started in the year June of  2009..

Though it is still a young Church we are  growing quickly because of our evangelism work.

We  have a very active youth Ministry where the youth are in charge of Praise and Worship and they are also involved in evangelism

Missions to reach other youth under Leah Nchagwa as their leader being called by God as a servant of Him.
 Pastor Joseph tells us Leah's passion is for children and youth for they are the leaders of tomorrow.

FGDM Church of Kenya has several community programs including education, orphanage, widows, youths, health and social services.

They have a vision to see people live and have a sound life without sin.

Their goal is to equip local churches and church leaders for efficient and rapid expansion of God's kingdom on this earth.Joseph and Beatrice manage to care for many orphans.They minister in Dobi Gospel Church where Beatrice is the Children's  Pastor.
John and Masiga  teach .
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Yours faithfully, Joseph Maroa.
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